Study Timetable

Comprehensive flood studies take some time to complete, incorporating detailed technical analysis, community consultation activities, study documentation and review process.

Set out below is an indicative timetable which the project will follow, with key project stages and their proposed completion dates.

STAGE 1:Data Compilation including Community Questionnaires

Completion by May 2020

STAGE 2:Hydrological and Hydraulic Model Setup

Completion by July 2020

STAGE 3:Hydrological and Hydraulic Model Calibration and Sensitivity Analysis

Completion by August 2020

STAGE 4:Design Flood Modelling and Output Mapping

Completion by November 2020

STAGE 5:Draft Reporting and Public Exhibition

Completion by February 2021

STAGE 6:Final Report and Handover

Completion by March 2021

The completion of the study will see the Final Report to be presented to Council for adoption.