Why is this Flood Study being done?

Wingecarribee Shire Council is undertaking a detailed flood study for the Wingecarribee River Catchment to help identify and manage flood prone areas. The study will establish the basis for subsequent floodplain management activities to improve flood planning. These activities include setting design flood levels for development controls and consideration of potential climate change impacts.

Under the NSW Government Flood Prone Land Policy, management of flood prone land is primarily the responsibility of councils. The flow chart to the right shows the Floodplain Management Process that Councils follow in order to identify, understand and manage flood risk.


  1. The Flood Study defines the nature and extent of the flood problem.
  2. The Floodplain Risk Management Study assesses management options with respect to existing and proposed development.
  3. The Floodplain Risk Management Plan provides Council with a management plan for the floodplain, and is often undertaken in conjunction with the Floodplain Risk Management Study.
  4. Implementation of the Plan involves enacting the recommendations of the Floodplain Risk Management Plan to mitigate flood risks to life and property.


The project is undertaken in partnership with the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.